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Endangered is an absorbing and interactive way of learning about the plight of endangered species through music. Composer Jonathan Cooper creates soundscapes using a potent mixture of instrumental and vocal music combined with the real sounds of endangered species and their habitats. Woven into the mix is narration imparting expert information about disappearing wildlife including facts about some of the world’s most fascinating and vulnerable creatures and habitats.

So far, Jonathan has created six tracks for this project for museums. He also created a music theatre version of the project for Youth Music Theatre:UK which was performed at Plymouth's Barbican Theatre and is currently creating a version for school choirs.

(1) The Six Kingdoms of Life: using multi-layered vocals and the rumbling growls of leopards this track introduces the six kingdoms into which all life is ordered and posits the idea that nothing in this world is too wonderful to be true.
(2) Vanishing Frogs: using the sounds of over 40 different frogs from Africa and Australia alongside traditional African instruments and vocals, the story of our declining amphibians is narrated by frog expert Dr. Lyle Zimmerman.
(3) Tiger, Tiger: a song about the plight of the tiger in the modern world based on lyrics by novelist Tania Unsworth and using many different tiger sounds.
(4) Hippopotamus Amphibius: using the extraordinary sounds of the hippo as a soothing bass-line this tracks celebrates the underwater world of the hippo which is currently fast disappearing from the rivers of the Congo.
(5) Frogs Invented Music: a joyous party of singing frogs.
(6) Paradise Lost: a third of the world’s mammalian extinctions have occurred in Australia. This track simply intones the dates and names of these extinctions over an elegiac cello quartet, claiming that a paradise found is paradise lost.

Endangered arose from composer Jonathan Cooper's passion for wildlife and vanishing species. His vision is to see his music developed into many different applications that will raise awareness in the campaign to save endangered species and habitats around the world. Jonathan is very keen to develop Endangered further in collaboration with wildlife organisations, zoos and museums and welcomes any enquiries about the project.

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