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The Madness of Kisses
A Cabinet of Curiosities

The Moon Behind the Clouds
The David Glass Ensemble

As Easy as Lying
Twelve Preludes for Piano
The Funambulist's Daring Feats
Pauper's Chamber


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Jonathan Cooper

The Arrangement - an oratorio for six singers, flute, clarinet, cello and piano. Choreographed by Australian Dance Artists, staged by sculptor Ken Unsworth, sung by The Song Company. Next performances 12th - 20th July 2014.

Jonathan has composed a library album for EMI's new label Sparkle & Burn. Minimalist Strings features a string orchestra recorded at Islington's Angel Studios. Seventeen soaring tracks for film and television. Listen to a sampler here. Jonathan has also composed 'quirky' tracks and more for the same label...

Mabel Stark: Tiger Tamer - a new musical with music by Jonathan Cooper and lyrics by Barb Jungr. In development and seeking support.

Misfit - Jonathan accompanies the wonderful singer Natalie Gamsu on her intimate CD. Includes two of Jonathan's songs - Last Night I Dreamt and The Numbers of Strangers. Available through itunes. Listen here.

The Man In The Long Black Coat & Love Me Tender - Jonathan's arrangements featured on Barb Jungr's CDs.

Gallimaufry - six pieces for clarinet and piano. Published by Emerson Edition. Listen to three of them here.

The Funambulist's Daring Feats for oboe, two clarinets, & bassoon. Also available from Emerson Edition, www.juneemerson.co.uk


Jonathan Cooper


'utterly brilliant...hugely entertaining'
Musician on The Madness of Kisses


'consistently intriguing'
The Guardian on Disembodied


'absolutely gorgeous'
BBC Radio 3 on Hush from anon


'a really excellent cd'
Fiona Talkington, Late Junction, BBC Radio 3 on SLEEP


'Jonathan Cooper's score is haunting in its offbeat eclecticism'
Evening Standard on The Red Thread


'a haunting score; eloquent and sad'
The Times on The Red Thread


'The music in the production is no less than magnificent'
Morgunbladid, Iceland on Medea


'Jonathan Cooper's superbly layered music increases the impact of this potent piece'
The Stage on The Hansel Gretel Machine

Misfit Natalie Gamsu with Jonathan Cooper




Cabinet of Curiosities


dge cd


As Easy As Lying





The Moon Behind the Clouds


endangered cd cover